The first Urban Chic collection is inspired by a brave, daring and authentic woman of style, ready to stand out with her uniqueness of expression in clothing.

Clothing pieces from the Urban Chic collection are made of the finest materials such as silk, lace, muslin, satin … It includes various models of skirts, blouses and T-shirts, put over pants, shirts and belts.

The models are of romantic, glamorous but also urban design. Putting them on, you are ready to sit down for lunch with friends, but for the red carpet, as well – depending on how you combine them and with what accessories you enrich them.

What makes the collection special are the delicate cuts and light materials, above all the feminine ones, which follow the body line. For those a little bolder, there are layered, fluttering fabrics with colorful patterns that will surely never leave anyone indifferent. Enjoy combining, since all pieces are intended for ladies of different fashion styles.

Still, I must admit that the queen of this collection is the Dress. If you are a fan of lace, you will surely like (insert the model name). Of course, there is also the black color as the perfect choice for achieving timeless elegance. If you want to look different from other guests, please select (insert the model name) because the impression will not be missed. Seductive, sensual, sexy – the synonyms of the collection in front of you. I believe that each of you will be able to find their must have among the models.


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