In psychology, inspiration is defined as a phase within creative thinking, where a solution is reached suddenly. In my case, it did not appear suddenly for sure, but has been carefully nurtured for years…

Ever since I was a little girl, I have dressed dolls, aunts and sisters, played with materials, with an abundance of colors and textures. I’ve always tried to give a personal touch to the things I wear, whether in the form of some interesting accessory like a belt, a piece of jewelry or a garment with a striking detail.
As I was no longer attracted to the assortment of clothes exhibited in various boutiques, the first steps in designing started. I started designing the dresses, skirts and blouses for formal occasions and went to a tailor’s shop. The greatest pleasure was when my dear people asked for advice related to personal styling and went to a tailor’s shop to order creations for themselves inspired by the ones I wore.

For me, the absolute trump card was and remains: Natural female beauty which, at the same time, presents a source of inspiration for the collection. The beauty that is given to every woman, but she just needs to see through deep inside, find it and learn to enjoy it. Sometimes such beauty is reflected in style, sometimes in expression, sometimes in appearance, and sometimes only in purity and goodness of soul.

Simplicity, purity and authenticity are indispensable features of natural beauty, which I wish to see in the women around me, the one that is a feast to the eyes and exudes freshness, touched by a hint of glamor.

It is time to put natural beauty on the pedestal, where it belongs.


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